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Is This 1 Simple Mistake Ruining Your Nespresso® Experience?

  • October 13, 2017

90% of people make this mistake with their Espresso machine, find out if you’re one of them and a simple solution to fix it below…

Machine ButtonsDoes the coffee from your Nespresso® machine sometimes taste bitter?

Have you ever experienced issues with the flow from your capsules?

Is the flavour sometimes weak and lacking intensity?

If you have experienced one of more of these issues, don’t fret.

They are all very common problems that our customers here at Coffee Pod Shop tell us they have experienced in the past.

Our mission at Coffee Pod Shop is to help you enjoy the best coffee possible from your Nespresso® machine.

So we conducted research into these problems to determine the cause and potential solutions.

What we found was very surprising.

We discovered that 90% of Nespresso® drinkers we surveyed are making a simple mistake that often leads to poor flow from capsule, a bitter taste and a weak lacklustre flavour.

And the problem is even more prevalent if you use higher quality coffee capsules like the Must Espresso Italiano pods we sell at Coffee Pod Shop, where a finely ground coffee blend is used for maximum flavour.

So why are so many people making such a mistake?

Well, it’s not their fault – nobody has taken the time to show you how to use your Nespresso® machine correctly, until now.

The majority of Nespresso® machine users tend to make their coffee in a similar way to how you used to make instant coffee.

But you should NOT make coffee from your Nespresso® machine like it was instant coffee. It’s not designed for that.

So, what is the mistake that 90% of users are making? It comes down to putting too much water through your capsule when pouring a drink.

Now before you stop reading and think “I put the right amount in” – read on a little more just to make sure.

If you fill up your cup, then you’re definitely putting too much water through.

But if you get the amount just right then your coffee will taste soooo much better, and that’s what we all want right?

Okay, so how much water should you put through your machine?

giphy (3)

You should ONLY put through 40ML of water in a regular cpausle, that’s only slightly over two and a half tablespoons, about the size of a shot!

And only 110ML of wwater through a Lungo capsule.

That’s it, no more.

Do this and your coffee will taste fantastic – especially with premium pods like Must Espresso Italiano.

Now you might be thinking, “I don’t want a shot, I want a full cup of coffee” – don’t worry that’s easy.

First, you pour your 40ML shot. Then fill up the rest of your cup to the desired level with hot water only.

You do this by ejecting the capsule and pressing the button again with no capsule inside it.

That’s the way barista’s do it.

And if you’re wondering how you make sure you only pour 40ML or 110ML through the capsule every single time, that’s easily done by setting your machine’s button defaults.

Simply press and hold the relevant pour button (regular or lungo) until the correct amount of water has flowed through (40ML regular and 110ML Lungo) and then release the button.

Next time you press the button (without holding it), you’ll get exactly the right amount.

And you can even experiment with slightly different amounts of water to suit your own taste.

So, make sure you try this out with your Nespresso® machine today so that you can enjoy the best tasting coffee possible from your capsules.

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