Is the Coffee your Nespresso® Machine produces as good as it can be?

  • September 26, 2017

Too many Nespresso® are less than happy with the coffee they make.

A good Espresso has incredibly complex flavours that should make you want to roll the coffee around in your mouth, savouring every last second of the beautiful flavours that emerge.

If the coffee you are producing tastes a little “average” here are some simple steps you can take to ensure to improve it.

1 – Get the extraction right

Coffee Styles 5

Above all else this is the most important point to be aware of when making a coffee – you have two buttons on you machine (or three on some modern machines) these relate to the blend style of coffee you are using – Espresso (a short shot) and Lungo a longer shot) Putting the wrong amount of water into your extraction can destroy the flavours of the resultant coffee shot.

There are two different types of Coffee Capsules (Espresso and Lungo)

Espresso capsules are ground fine to ensure that all of the flavours of the coffee are extracted in a short 40mls extraction if you put more water through this style of capsule the resultant coffee will not taste as good as it should.

Lungo capsules are ground a little coarser and are suitable for longer extractions ideally around 110 mls


Whilst you can make a long black with either Lungo or Espresso capsules make sure that you do not put more water than the recommended dose for the style of capsule.

The correct way to make a Long Black with an Espresso capsule is to start with an Espresso Shot (40mls) and then top up with hot water to the desired level for your drink – this will ensure that you don’t pick up any bitterness that can occur when you force too much water through beans that have already had the flavour extracted during the first 40mls of water that passed through.

2 – Check your machine’s buttons are set correctly

Machine Buttons


Turn on the machine, wait until it has warmed up and insert a capsule.

Now press the button that you wish to calibrate.

Keep your finger on the button until the desired amount of water has flowed through the capsule in the extraction (40mls for Espresso and 110mls for Lungo) then release the button – the machine will now be set to that volume and “remember” the setting for future coffee shots.

When making a coffee after setting simply press and quickly release the button – it will “remember” the amount of water you set for the extraction and deliver that volume every time.

The amount of liquid poured by your machine will affect how it tastes, re-calibrating your machine regularly will ensure you always get an optimum result.

3 – Prime your machine before use

Running hot water through your machine (by pressing either button with no capsule in the machine) before you make a coffee will ensure any residual, stale coffee is washed out and your machine is ready to deliver a perfect fresh tasting coffee.

4 – Use good coffee and good capsules

The quality of coffee in capsules that are made for Nespresso® and Dolce Gusto® machines can vary considerably. Additionally the functionality of the various “compatible” capsules that exist on the market can also vary wildly, indeed some brands leave a lot to be desired.

If you are looking for premium quality coffee in a state of the art capsule then Coffee Pod Shop may well have just what you are searching for.

After years of searching for the best compatible capsules we eventually found a team of passionate coffee aficionados in Fano in the Marche region of Italy who have perfectly captured Italy’s tradition for coffee.

Starting with independently sourced premium quality raw coffee their Artisan roasters then carefully blend and roast using a secret roasting process with unique toasting cycles that combine time and temperature to enhance the peculiarities of each blend.

They use the “Diamond” 4th generation self-protected capsule which is simply streets ahead of other so called compatible capsules. It’s innovative hydraulics allow it to uniformly and constantly utilise the coffee to ensure it delivers a perfect coffee shot.

Furthermore, due to its special barrier configuration it can guarantee a the coffee will taste as fresh as the day it was packed in Italy.

The Must Espresso Italiano Brand, is exclusively available in New Zealand via Coffee Pod Shops online store.

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