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3 Massive Misconceptions About Your Nespresso Machine That Are Costing You Money

  • October 25, 2016

If you’re like one of the hundreds of Australian Nespresso owners I regularly speak to then you thoroughly enjoy your hot daily beverage but are often unhappy with the high cost of your caffeine treat. However, I’ve come to realise that most Nespresso machine owners hold three massive misconceptions that are costing them money.

In this article I’m going to highlight these three incorrect beliefs for you so that you can enjoy your Espresso in the best way possible, 100% guilt free and with more more money in your pocket.

Misconception #1

The majority of Nespresso machine owners still believe that you can only use Nespresso branded capsules in their machine. That using capsules from a competitor will void their warranty.

It’s understandable why you might think this. Nestle, the manufacturers of Nespresso, even used to label it’s machines as for use with “Nespresso capsules only” and suspended warranties for customers using non-Nespresso capsules in their machines.

But their days of running a virtual monopoly are long over. That is, ever since 2014 when the French anti-trust watchdog forced Nespresso to extend the guarantee on its single-serving coffee machines to customers who use pods other than its own, branded ones. They said…

“It appears that Nespresso may have abused its dominant position by tying the purchase of its capsules to that of its coffee machines, with no fair justification, de facto ousting rival capsule makers,”

As part of the deal, Nespresso had to remove the warning on its capsules and machines that claims only its own pods should be used with its coffee machines. Since, as it turns out, that’s not quite true.

So now that you know you really can use competitor capsules in your Nespresso machine, without voiding your warranty, you are opened up to the vast range of competitor capsules which allow you to experience more delicious flavours, better customer service and of course, more competitive pricing.

Misconception #2

Some Nespresso machine owners that have tried competitor capsules in the past have complained that the capsules were not up to the same standard as the Nespresso branded ones.

Reports often cited poor coffee flow, stuck capsules and other coffee pod problems. These reports further discouraged users from trying competitor brands and helped fuel the Nespresso dominance.

But, once again, France’s authorities stepped in.

The Wall Street Journal reported that it was alleged that Nespresso had set up unfair hurdles, by changing the design of its capsules and coffee machines to rule out the possibility of coffee drinkers using products from a competitor.

The antitrust watchdog began an inquiry and found problematic behaviour, it said. Since 2009, Nespresso has modified four times the design of either its coffee machine or capsules just before or just after a new competitor entered the market in what appeared to be a strategy to cut off potential sales to rivals.

“It is normal for a company to innovate, but it is troubling that each modification happens when a competitor arrives,” said Mr. Lasserre.


Must Espresso Italiano Diamond Capsule

So an agreement was struck which meant Nespresso now has to notify competing pod makers about upcoming design changes, and end the practice of voiding warrantees on machines used with rival pods. It will also stop making negative comments about other company’s coffee capsules and get rid of the warning labels on its machines.

This has lead to 4th generation capsule designs, such as the one shown (made by Italian coffee producers Must Espresso Italiano), which are guaranteed to work perfectly with your machine.




And here is some real customer feedback (courtesy of the independent review service YotPo) that illustrates how well the new 4th generation capsules work…

kevant-reviewian s coffee pod review

Misconception #3
The final misconception that some Nespresso owners hold is that the quality of coffee from competitors isn’t as good as Nespresso branded coffee from Nestle.

The truth is that many of Nespresso’s rivals are smaller independent coffee makers, that hand source the finest beans and roast them in traditional methods using high-quality methods and with precise attention to detail.

One such brand (our favourite one out of the dozens we’ve tried here at Coffee Pod Shop) is Must Espresso Italiano.

Each of their coffee capsules truly define the Italian tradition for Coffee. Their roots from Fano, in the Marche region of Italy.

Their founders are a team of professionals with decades of experience who have honed their skills to source a high-quality product and develop unique roasting processes that compose blends with different harmonies, each with its own personality.

The results are unique and delicious blends, with unmistakable aromas. As shown in the customer reviews below…


beryl c coffee pod reviewgiovanna s coffee pod reviewashleigh p coffee pod reviewluigi r coffee pod review

So now you know…
– The watchdogs have ensured a fair marketplace by forcing Nespresso to maintain warranties when using competitor capsules.
– They have enabled competitors to create capsules that work perfectly in your machine.
– And speciality brands like Must Espresso Italiano can produce a high quality and delicious coffee that rivals the best in the world.

My hope is that by debunking these common misconceptions you will have more choice, better customer service and more competitive pricing available to you as a consumer so that you can experience better coffee for less.

And if you are looking to try something new, and save money in the process, we at Coffee Pod Shop thoroughly recommend Must Espresso Italiano. We’ve scoured the globe to find the best coffee capsules and these are the ones that we are proud to put our name behind.

Nespresso Compatible Capsules Must Espresso

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  1. Brent Anderson

    25 Oct 2016 - 2:43 pm

    I excusively use non nespresso capsules without any issues after 3 years of machine ownership. But I’ve had to replace the milk frother twice. I have bought two non nespresso frothers that are stand-alone branded which both cost me $30 each not $99 from nespresso.

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